What is RecruiterGPS?

RecruiterGPS is an online job matching service
that maximizes your exposure to the perfect candidate!

Not your average job platform

That’s for sure! While other job platforms simply classify both candidates and jobs on the basis of a few keywords, RecruiterGPS technology analyzes the position needs and then evaluates capabilities and matches candidates to open positions based on your resume, work experience, skills, education …

  • In-depth competence extraction, both on jobs and on resumes
  • Much deeper and more qualitative candidate and job matching
  • Improve your recruiting efforts immediately : more efficiency in less time
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One month posting for a single job
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One month posting for 10 jobs
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One month posting for unlimited number of jobs

Job posting is easy as 1-2-3

RecruiterGPS technology analyzes the position need and then evaluates your capabilities in order to match you to the job that best fits your skills. Only the most appropriate matches are shown to the candidate.

RecruiterGPS reads between the lines.

RecruiterGPS keeps things simple and will only show relevant matches and opportunities.
This way, rather than spending countless hours looking through resumes you can focus on the important things.


Upload your jobs in nearly any format in just a few clicks. No hassle with obligatory formats or document lay-outs.


RecruiterGPS technology analyzes the position needs in order to match you with only the best fitting candidates. No more endless time lost on reading through lots of resumes as only the most appropriate matches are shown to you.


The recruiter gets a shortlist of perfectly matching candidates including their resumes, their work DNA and other relevant information. You can personally contact them and invite them for an interview.

Recruiter platform

Post jobs in just minutes thanks to our easy and fast job platform.
Edit, renew and post as much as you like.
The more detailed your job posting is, the better the match.

  • Secure and private web based tool
  • Easy and flexible job posting in any format
  • Unlimited job postings and candidate matches
  • Screen and contact candidates directly
  • Access to thousands of resumes
  • Only relevant matches thanks to our unique semantic analytics software
  • Very budget friendly


Get in touch

RecruiterGPS cares about good old-fashioned personal contact.

Talk. Talk. Talk. Question mark.

Do you have a question or an experience to share? We at RecruiterGPS are all ears.
Yes, behind that humongous RecruiterGPS technology there are real people who will handle your message with care.


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